Just published in May 2023!


A two-page story about me in the latest
Family of League Magazine.




And another screenplay awarded!


By Richard Bradley



It was then elevated by ISA as a Semi-Finalist!!
A most enjoyable story to write.
Now on the market with the rest
of Travelers Tales!


Script from Travelers Tales series:


SHADOWS IN TIME - by Richard Bradley





Headgear to Helmets Film




Celebrating Rugby League and World War One

is now completed. A wonderful story about the players that

inlisted in the Great War and the legacy that was built around

their sacrfices.

And the social and political history of the time.


Produced by Richard Bradley Productions for

the National Rugby League.


In association with the NRL Museum and the Australian War Memorial




Travelers Tales Business Plan Done!



After six years of intense writing the stories into

screenplays the request for a business plan

to produce the films as packages is now 



Watch this space!!!




Now for a bit of nostalgia!




I recently received this photo from a friend I haven't seen since 1975.

It was of me in 1974 making an Avant-Gard short 17 minute film

called Kaliedoscope, which is now in the National Film and

Sound Archive. I was writer/producer/director/casting/DOP/Editor

and distributor. Yep, those things happened in those days!!!

I funded this out of my own money and because I was working at

APA Film Studios they kindly let me use their cameras and post

production incuding the optical film effects. I paid for the film

and procesing, workprints, release prints and fees to actors

from the Ensemble Theatre. The film was based on the music

of Tommy Tycho - a great Australian composer and conductor.

What the film was and what Tommy really loved, it explored the

mind of a composer as he writes his music. It was performed by

the famous Daly Wilson big band who also appeared in it.

 It was a very strange film at the time (and still is) and

it was gruelling work to make which I'm still proud that I

went out and backed myself and had a go! No regrets!




Feature Film funded by Screen West

Directed by Stephen McCallum

Screenplay by Matt Nable

Based on a story by Richard Bradley 

This film has been completed and screeened

at the Sydney Film Festival 2018





Full Interview about "Travelers Tales" with

Media Man can be seen 

 on services and investment offers page 

of this website or on Media Man website:


Sixteen truly remarkable stories now completed!


The Greg Tingle - Media Man websites are highly used with

local and international traffic and any advertiser  should consider

exposure by contacting Greg Tingle at:




Headgear to Helmets

A documentary celebrating Rugby League and World War One

is now in production. A wonderful story about the players that

inlisted in the Great War and the legacy that was built around

their sacrfices. The venture being produced by Richard Bradley

Productions the NRL Museum and the National Rugby League.

The documentary will be 50 minutes for broadcast with a two hour

version as an educational resource.




We are pleased to announce that

expressions of interest from TV Networks for

a proposed documentary series we are co producing have

arrived which means the project moves into the next stage of funding.



Some more sad news with the passing

of Dion Bourne who was an opening batsman of Bankstown Cricket Club

with the highest runs for the club.

Mate you will be missed.  





The sad passing of Maurice Lilenthal OAM (95 years of age) who gave a lifetime of

service to Australian Cricket through Bankstown Cricket Club as its first Chairman in 1951

and as a State Admistrator and Team Manager . He became Presient of the NSW

Country Cricket Association which found so many of the Test players.

His eye witness accounts of the game during the 1930s 

was exceptional and recounted  as part of the film we did on his life story.

We also wrote his obituary which was published in full in the Sydney Morning Herald

on March 11, 2013.

Because of his standing in the game the article will circulate the cricket world.




The first of the script packages have now been

completed and what a terrific job our writing team has done!


The package has now been approved by the

Executive Producers to complete final production investment.





Volunteering for a good cause is an important part of Australian

life. In September 2012 to help celebrate the 75th Anniversary

of the Police Citizens Youth Clubs we volunteered our time to

help with a Blue Light Disco Tour of five country towns in NSW.

Cootamundra, Narrandera, Deniliquin, Hay and West Wyalong.

The Blue Light Discos are drug and alcohol free  for young people

to build bonding with police to help prevent crime and build

stronger communities in the future. The tour was arranged by the 

PCYC in association with Insight Charity Fundraising Services.



The first stage investment funds into

the three-part feature film package have now

been approved and executed.



Filming of the Cricket interviews completed!


Filming of the cricket interviews have now been completed - they include some of the most famous

names in the game along with local club players that have volunteered a lifetime of service to cricket.

It is the first time that a grade cricket club has undertaken such a huge project that shows

100 years of cricket history with grassroots, domestic, national and international stories

focused around a grade cricket club.

Bankstown Cricket club should be congratulated for undertaking this project which contains

priceless eyewitness accounts that is a world first for a domestic cricket club. 




Our investment consultants have executed the film rights for

a package of three feature films. We assisted with

the writing and negotiation of the agreement which includes

Richard Bradley Productions as the production company

to produce the films. A most exciting project!

Vale - Kristian Anderson 1976-2012
Rachel and Kristian
Kristian Anderson 36 passed away with cancer, his You Tube tribute

to his wife Rachel and their two boys gained enormous publicity touching people

like Oprah Winfrey who donated $250,000 to research.

Kristian was my online editor from 2002-2004 for documentaries incuding five

of the Mighty Bears Series and two of The Mighty Eels series and the documentary

Miracle at the Healing Ministry - an ideal production for Kristian's beliefs and values.

Mate you are now in heaven and your legacy will live on forever.....RB

Travelers Tales!

Travelers Tales is a collection of very original stories about sixteen

individual journeys into another place and time.

The six 90 minute screenplays have just been completed after three

years of writing and research.   

Financing of this remarkable series is now underway.

For more information please contact us.


Tactician Australia

We recently completed film consultancy work for this international market research group.



Steve Waugh with the film crew
Steve Waugh with film crew
Mark Waugh being interviewed


A history of Cricket


A history of cricket through Bankstown Cricket Club - one of the most famous cricket clubs in the world. The stories of players that came through the ranks of the club including their wonderful grade players , international curators, scorers and officials. And representative players Steve Small, David Freedman, Corey Richards, Kevin Roberts and internationals, Grahame Thomas, Jeff Thomson, Len Pascoe, Steve Smith, Mark Waugh and the former Australian captain Steve Waugh.


These interviews provide a terrific sporting and social history of the game from all over the world with eye witness accounts going back to the famous bodyline series of the early 1930s.

2011 is underway and the cricket is starting to take shape!
The Mighty Bulldogs Gift Box with all four volumes now released!

A truly unique gift box with a total of 14 hours of sporting and social history - six years in the making!

4150 individual DVDs sold already!

(official production company royalty invoices 2010)

A brand new production with its focus on cricket has just been commissioned!
The Mighty Bulldogs Volume Four is now available!


Meanwhile The Mighty Bulldogs Volume Four will be released in late October.

2010 is up and away!


Production on The Mighty Bulldogs Volume Four (1989-2004) has commenced and this three and a half hour documentary is due for completion later in the year.


Completion of The Mighty Bulldogs Volume Four will bring together the completed trilogy of The Mighty Bears, The Mighty Eels and The Mighty Bulldogs. A project the started initial filming in 1998 and contains over 170 life story interviews covering Australian sporting and social history with eye witness accounts from 1907 to 2004. Nothing like this has been produced in Australia and is unlikely ever to be repeated again.




The financial package for one of our feature films is almost complete and details of production will be announced soon!







2009 was a busy year!


We have completed the Queensland Greens TV commercial which went to air on the three commercial stations during the Queensland Election campaign.  We've also completed the Greens 3 minute message that went to air on ABC TV in Queensland and a radio version.


Production on The Mighty Bulldogs Volume Three (1981-1988) has commenced and this 3 hour documentary is due for completion later in the year.


We are also supporting Allison Shreeve who is the world champion Windsurfer on her "Bass Strait Challenge". She will ride her windsurfer across Bass Strait. Allison is an amazing athlete and you can check her out on her website




Allison almost made it! And we know she will try again - go you good thing!



We are well into final negotiations for one of our feature film productions for filming later this year.



We are also supporting the move by the North Sydney Bears to become the Central Coast Bears in the NRL.

North Sydney is a foundation club, it was the first club to pay the affiliation fee for the foundation Rugby League competition in 1908.  In 1999 they played their last NRL competition game at North Sydney Oval beating the Melbourne Storm who were premiers that year. Since then they have been in the NSW Cup contesting the Grand Final in 2007 and minor premiers in 2008. However they are not in the NRL major competition and because of this the game of Rugby League football has declined dramatically on the North Shore. And is under very serious threat from other codes, especially soccer on the Central Coast, which was once a Rugby League heartland. North Sydney actually built the stadium in Gosford when they were going to relocate in 2000! So the move by the club is a logical expansion of the game. The Central Coast Bears will be based in Gosford and plan to play two games at North Sydney Oval (most probably against Manly and Souths) to keep the Rugby League footprint on the North Shore. This will bring back over 150,000 supporters to Rugby League that have been lost to the game, or without a team or a team to call their own since 1999.


An important message from Alan McLoughlin.

He is targeting 50,000 new members to support the Central Coast Bears - he has received 4000 signatures in less than 14 days! Please go to his website to join in bringing back this truly great foundation club with an entirely new generation of supporters -




We have engaged Dr Linda Seger who is a world famous US script consultant to work on a current screenplay we are developing. Dr Seger was employed on the first draft last year and is now starting work to advise us on the structure of our second draft. It is very exciting to have Dr Seger involved with one of our projects.




The South Australian Film Corporation have invested into another feature film project with a production investment and further development investment. This comes on top of their first development investment last year. The film will be released through Paramount Pictures for Australia and New Zealand release and Arclight Films International who will be international sales agent. We have signed Peter Andrikidis to direct the film, he is the winner of no less than four AFI Awards and his credits include Underbelly and East West 101.

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